Our Savior Has Come, a Christmas album

Merry Christmas from the Downtown Revival Band

We would like to share our latest music for the season with you. We’ve spent several months in the studio after hours and on the weekends to bring life to our new versions of these classic Christmas carols and a few new originals. We are calling it, Our Savior Has Come and the cover looks like this:

Our Savior Has Come
“Our Savior Has Come,” a Christmas album by Adam Layne Fisher and the Downtown Revival Band
A Time to Celebrate

Do you get burned out with pop holiday music starting before even Thanksgiving these days? We do. The band wanted to put together an album that redirects the focus back to the true “reason for the season.” That, to us, means classic carols and some new originals declaring arrival of our Savior and celebrating His reason for being born as a baby- to grow into the man that would die on the cross for our sins. We are saved by His grace. His birth signifies the beginning of the path to His death and resurrection. To God be the glory for His goodness, grace, and love as He sent his only Son to earth to save us all. Amen.

Christmas Carols, Just the essentials, please…

We decided to also include five Christmas carols that were stripped down to the primary essentials- voice and acoustic guitar. It’s our belief that many folks will really enjoy these simple variations of Adam’s arrangements. The title for it is, simply, Acoustic Carols EP.

Acoustic Carols EP
“Acoustic Carols EP,” a stripped down five-song EP with voice and acoustic guitar by Adam Layne Fisher
Official Album Blurb

Above all, to God be the glory for His goodness, grace, and love as He sent his only Son to earth to save us all.

Get ready to journey through a Christmas rock experience with the Downtown Revival Band. Adam and the DRB really find their sweet spot with their melodic rock anthems and modernized versions of classic hymns. Take a little punk, pop, rock and mix it all with some Christmas magic and this might be your favorite alternative to today’s oversaturated pop Christmas market.

released December 2, 2016

Engineered, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Adam Layne Fisher at North Garden Studios in Greenville, SC.

Co-Engineered & Co-Produced by Isaac Blalock at Collective Studios in Spartanburg, SC.

Drums: Isaac Blalock
Guitars: Adam Layne Fisher, Rob Rohrssen, Luke Langner
Hammond, Keys & Synth: West Goewey, Adam Layne Fisher
Bass: Adam Layne Fisher
Strings & Orchestration: Adam Layne Fisher, Don Chapman (track 10)
Programming & Loops: Adam Layne Fisher
Vocals: Adam Layne Fisher, Sarah Rohrssen, Celina Schwartz, Sophie Schwartz

All songs & arrangements by Adam Layne Fisher. Copyright 2016 North Garden Music Co. Additional music & lyrics by Steve Smith on tracks 5,6,7. Additional music & lyrics by Don Chapman on track 10.

Take the World (Live Worship at Barnet Park) 4K HD

What an amazing group of worship leaders I get to serve with at Buncombe Street UMC. We’d love to have you join us this Sunday for worship: 200 Buncombe St., Greenville, SC 29601.

In the meantime, please take five and watch this powerful group lead one of my original worship songs, based on the old Fanny Crosby hymn, Take the World, but Give Me Jesus. God bless and thanks for watching!

(Adam is the worship director at Buncombe Street UMC located in the heart of downtown Greenville, SC. His passion for worship has lead to a new revival in this old church of over 180 years. Adam and his crew are wholly focused on bringing the hungry hearts of Greenville natives closer in their walk with Jesus through powerful music and melodies.)

Live @ Barnet Park [concert film]

Got some fresh video for you folks! Me and the band filmed a concert in May of this year (2015). I’ve just finished the post-production and have started uploading each song as they finish exporting and uploading. I’m super proud of this and of the band and crew for truly bringing their A-game. Watching this concert in full is a fantastic way to spend an hour. To God be the glory for all the things He’s done. Enjoy!

Official blurb:

“Adam Layne Fisher rocks out the Zimmerli Amphitheatre at Barnet Park with one goal- to make the name of Jesus known and glorify His name. Adam is joined by his band and crew from Buncombe Street UMC in downtown Greenville, SC.”

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