Why Hymns Still Matter

I recently wrote an article over at Hymns4Bands.com- it’s something that I think every worship leader should read. Hymns still matter and they need to be more used in churches today! I take some time to breakdown the different worship styles used in churches and share the best reasons why you should be using hymns in your church.

Check out the full article.


Worship Meets The Modern Era [part 1]

Bands everywhere, in churches and on the road, are using in-ear monitors while they perform. It’s simple: everyone in the band has a metronome click in your ‘headphones’ to keep the tempo steady (we’ll get into what exactly ‘in-ear’ monitors are in just a second). If everyone plays to the same tempo, they will sound more professional and tighter- MUCH tighter. Here’s the thing- some band guys might say something like this: Continue reading “Worship Meets The Modern Era [part 1]”

Symphonic Experiment

As a part of my life-long endeavor to continually learn more about myself, I’ve started composing orchestral themes and then adding drum loops, guitars, and odd little extras. This is my first completed piece and I found it to be rather fun to listen to.

quicky disclaimer: the guitars & bass were played through my Line 6 POD X3, the rest was played in with a MIDI keyboard – the drums are Superior Drummer 2.0, the strings are the luscious new Audiobro LA Scoring Strings, the sounds & FX are from ProjectSAM Symphobia, and the drum loops are from Spectrasonics Stylus RMX.

click on the player below to listen (you might want to try listening with headphones):

[audio:http://adamlayne.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/symphonic_experiment_001.mp3|titles=Symphonic Experiment #1]