Why Your Church Isn’t Singing

Are you noticing a lack of congregational participation in your church worship services? Is there a deadpan expression covering their faces? Perhaps a few brave folks are singing while the rest look like they’re bored out of their mind. In Psalm 105:2, David encourages us (God’s children, the church) to sing God’s praises and to tell the world of His wondrous works. There are dozens of other verses in the Bible that speak to the same theme. OK, so where’s the disconnect in our worship services? Let’s explore some of the reasons why and look at how you can remedy the problem. Continue reading “Why Your Church Isn’t Singing”

Why Hymns Still Matter

Why should you use hymns in your church? Why do they still matter? Hymns seem to be quickly falling by the wayside as churches move in the modern era of worship bands and praise songs. It hasn’t always been this way. Throughout the course of its existence, the church has evolved and adapted to reach many cultures of this world. Colossians 3:16 mentions singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs with thankfulness in your hearts to God. That’s one of many reasons to be using hymns along side modern worship songs- the Bible says so! Who is actually using hymns in church today? Let’s explore why hymns still matter by taking a quick look at who is… and who isn’t.

Continue reading “Why Hymns Still Matter”

Worship Meets The Modern Era [part 1]

Bands everywhere, in churches and on the road, are using in-ear monitors while they perform. It’s simple: everyone in the band has a metronome click in your ‘headphones’ to keep the tempo steady (we’ll get into what exactly ‘in-ear’ monitors are in just a second). If everyone plays to the same tempo, they will sound more professional and tighter- MUCH tighter. Here’s the thing- some band guys might say something like this: Continue reading “Worship Meets The Modern Era [part 1]”