Live @ Barnet Park [concert film]

Got some fresh video for you folks! Me and the band filmed a concert in May of this year (2015). I’ve just finished the post-production and have started uploading each song as they finish exporting and uploading. I’m super proud of this and of the band and crew for truly bringing their A-game. Watching this concert in full is a fantastic way to spend an hour. To God be the glory for all the things He’s done. Enjoy!

Official blurb:

“Adam Layne Fisher rocks out the Zimmerli Amphitheatre at Barnet Park with one goal- to make the name of Jesus known and glorify His name. Adam is joined by his band and crew from Buncombe Street UMC in downtown Greenville, SC.”

Take A Chance On Something Beautiful [It’s Not Just Another Worship Record]

It feels like there’s a new worship record coming out every week these days. With so much material out there, it’s really easy for new-comers to get lost in the noise. Most folks stick to the big, established names that they trust- Chris Tomlin, Kristian Stanfill, Hillsong, etc. With our daily schedules being so busy, why even bother with the names you’ve never heard of? It’s a big hassle. Here’s the thing- I’m one of those new-comers to the worship scene and I’d like to ask you to take a chance on me and listen to my album and share it with your family and friends. I need some grass-roots support to get the word out and you’re exactly the person I need!


Here’s a little history: back in 2007, I was in a band with American Idol top 10 finalist Chris Sligh- the band was called Half Past Forever. We toured a decent amount through the region and Chris and I produced a record. It was basically us sitting in an attic with a computer and a ton of microphones and guitar amps making music for six months. Continue reading “Take A Chance On Something Beautiful [It’s Not Just Another Worship Record]”

Worship Meets The Modern Era [part 1]

Bands everywhere, in churches and on the road, are using in-ear monitors while they perform. It’s simple: everyone in the band has a metronome click in your ‘headphones’ to keep the tempo steady (we’ll get into what exactly ‘in-ear’ monitors are in just a second). If everyone plays to the same tempo, they will sound more professional and tighter- MUCH tighter. Here’s the thing- some band guys might say something like this: Continue reading “Worship Meets The Modern Era [part 1]”