Micro-Tilt Install (Fretless Jazz Bass)

This blog is dedicated to the tender love and care of a Fender Jazz bass belonging to a friend of mine that has been converted from the standard fretted model into a unique fretless version. The nut height, the neck angle, and the bridge setup were all still setup for a fretted bass guitar. This presented a bass that was hard to play and only had a marginal sound. I was asked to take a look at this bass to see what I could do to bring it up to speed.

First things first – I measured the string height at the nut and it was way too high for the proper fretless feel. So, I had to file the nut slots nearly all the way down to the neck to get them close enough. Since you don’t have a huge fret in the way, you can go much lower with a fretless neck. Continue reading “Micro-Tilt Install (Fretless Jazz Bass)”